The Author

Welcome to SmartBrandBlog, a site I’ve developed to explore brand marketing and its many intertwined components.  I’ve also added a few additional thoughts about my personal philosophies and interests – largely to have a channel to share my views with the public and friends.

I am a brand marketing strategist located in Reno, Nevada with more than 25 years of  experience in both mature and high growth companies. My profession expertise combines building businesses and rejuvenating brands by identifying their market opportunities, crafting a vision, developing core strategies, hiring and training talent, and leading high-performing teams.

Through SmartBrand, as well as decades of work with various clients and agencies, I’ve helped many companies launch successful brand platforms and projects such as the Montage, Caesars Palace, CommRow, Discovery Channel, ESPN, NBC, The Palms Las Vegas, MGM Grand Hotel, Porsche Cars North America ,Southwest Airlines and the Universities of Nevada in both Reno and Las Vegas.

I’ve also provided consulting services for regional development organizations such as the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority and the Northern Nevada Development Authority.  I also hold a deep passion for giving back to the community through my work with the United Way and numerous nonprofit and community organizations, such as the City of Reno Arts & Culture Commission, and Black Rock Arts Foundation (an affiliate of Burning Man).

I’m passionate about  social media and professional networking, through trade associations, as well as through a host of social media channels.  Just pick one from the list below and connect with me!







Please contact me anytime with your thoughts and ideas – anytime.


My views and opinions represented on this blog are my opinions only and are in no way endorsed or supported by any company I am affiliated with. Commentary is offered as constructive criticism, rather than public disparagement.

The Legal Stuff:

“SmartBrand LLC”, the SmartBrand logo, “Project ecoBrand” and all original imagery and content are copyright of SmartBrand LLC, a Nevada corporation. All rights are reserved worldwide.

8 Responses to “The Author”

  1. mystery shopper Says:

    Hi my name is Novryan. Im from Indonesia.
    Its a very informative blog. I think I could use my times to learn from the best.

    Keep up the good work.

    (Think i’ll follow your blog from my dashboard)

    Thanks Larry.

  2. knowledgetoday Says:

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Ed Burghard Says:

    Larry – I just want to make you aware of a new place branding community of practice at I think you would have important perspective to offer and I encourage you to consider sharing your thoughts periodically. Feel free to include a hot link back to your blog when you do post.

  4. smartblog Says:

    Great resource and company- well done! I’ll be sure to frequent the site and comment when appropriate. Thanks for the information!


  5. Miles Says:

    Larry! Your blog is so great, but I’m real annoyed that I can’t read the posts in my RSS feeder!

    Please don’t force me to your site, I’ll visit when I can – I promise!


    • Larry DeVincenzi Says:

      Hey Miles!

      You can opt-into the feed here:

      Or if you prefer, here:



  6. Personal Branding University Says:

    New Blueprint for Powerful and Authentic Personal Branding ….

  7. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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