3 Ways To Empower Your Customer

It’s become a mantra of the new economy: No one is looking out for you… but you.  You are the only one in control.

Self-security is the new entitlement in today’s new economic climate because we simply don’t trust anybody anymore.  We’ve been misled by mortgage brokers, regulators, rating agencies, banks and CEO’s – to name a few.  To the point, in a recent Money Magazine poll, half of the respondents said they no longer trust their financial advisors.

Personally, I find that a shocking statement, and one that you should take into consideration. If this is now an age of distrust, then “no one is looking out for me except me” is an important consumer insight.

Give your customers a choice.

Does your brand address that core need in a way that honestly separates you from your competition?  More importantly, we all need to do what we can to give our customer a sense of control over our product or service simply by giving them a choice.  By exercising their own choice, your customers will inevitably feel a sense of control over their own environment. But… be careful not to overwhelm them as two options may be more than enough.

Encourage your customer’s to talk.

Pry the door open to conversations – whether in person, on the phone, or even online.   Be sure to do the one thing they need most – ask.  You’ll be amazed that they’ll not only tell you what they need, but feel a sense of relief and confidence in doing just that for your brand.

Make sure they have something to do.

Nothing counters a growing sense of vulnerability faster than taking action.  What if you offered a free seminar about online selling?  How about addressing ways to make your product or service have longer lasting value?  Perhaps you can offer up ways for more budget conscious options?  The basics of human behavior are in motion – and it’s your job to empower them for your brand. .

The bottom line is – if you give your customers a sense of certainty and control, they will repay you with their enthusiastic loyalty. G

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