It’s Not All About YOU

It seems like pretty simple stuff to remember…people are more concerned about themselves than they are about you.  I’m not suggesting we’re all self-centered attention mongers (although some of us may well be), or that your goal in life is to save the world for the sake of others, but in business, I’m constantly amazed at how many focus their brand efforts around themselves.

In our rush to results, we peddle our services or products and engage in non-stop selling.  We too easily focus on our own needs and desires for success, touting our accomplishments and initiatives that we’re certain our clients and prospects will devour.  We easily worry about what everyone thinks of us to fuel our selfish egos.  We’re all guilty of it – myself included.

But if you really want to be successful in building a brand that will attract new prospects, make it be about them. Not you.

Make your focus on solving other people’s probems.  Help provide them answers or directions to answer they may have now, or in the future.  Offer your unique and effective solutions to help make their lives better – whether personally or professionally.  If you can find that one thing that makes someone else’s pain a bit easier to bear, your brand will be successful.

Of course, social media matters – a lot.  But at the end of the day, they are just tools to help your audience get a better understanding of who you really are, and why they really need you.  Social media is worthless without the right brand mindset.

Be helpful and generous.  Be sincerely appreciative when you receive accolades and praise, and equally as quick to be apologetic whenever you screw up.

I think we can all agree that people want to do business with those that honestly care about them and make them feel comfortable and unique. If you do that with the right intentions, then there will be no stopping you, regardless of which tools you use.

How do you use social media to attract new followers?  How is your marketing geared toward conversation and not just broadcasting your attributes?

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