Where Are Your Customers?

I ran across a great post by Jacob Morgan with Chess Media Group  that was produced just a little over a month ago.   If I’m able to accurately convey his point, his approach to convincing prospects to engage social media goes something like this: 

“If I told you that a majority of your customers and prospects interacted  in the social media space, would you invest in having a presence there?”

“But what if I told you that you would never know you made a single direct dollar off of any of those customers and prospects, but you knew for a fact  that they were still there – would you still invest?”

Take a step back and imagine how you might really react.  Would you decide not to go into that space?  Of course not.

For small to medium-sized businesses, the sense of urgency continues to grow as social media spreads into many new sectors of communications (and our lives). But in comparison to the massive undertakings of large companies in the social sphere, how does anyone know where to begin to enter the same space successfully?

Here’s a disconnect.  Small businesses generally do not have internal marketing/pr/media departments.  And if they do, it’s often one employee that is trying to represent them all simultaneously.  Resources are more precious for the small business owner.  What will motivate the decision makers to integrate social media into every aspect of their departmental plans?

I’d be curious as to your experiences on how you’ve managed to really successfully help the small business owner use social media strategically – and affordably.  You insights will be helpful to many, so post away!

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