Content Isn’t Everything

As the New Year rapidly approaches, it’s time to reflect back on 2010 and give some thought to what worked, and what didn’t in your brand marketing mix.  Certainly, the year will be dominated by social media success stories – some viral that struck like lightning, others much more plotted and managed.  No matter what your results in this new communication channel set, one thing became clear – content is important, but not the key to success.

So many of us communication professionals overvalued each piece of content as we follow the “old rules” that the amount of content, and it’s power to be published, was limited.  Of course, this antiquated world no longer exists.  No longer is it expensive or time-consuming to create and distribute your brand content.  If you’re still struggling with this, be forewarned – you’re in a lot of potential trouble.  Keep you content cheap, simple, and easy to distribute at very low-cost – or risk being beaten by the more agile competition.

No one can expect any single piece of content to make you successful.  None of us can predict the future.  But if you’re planning your digital marketing around a limited number of content pieces that remain relatively static – you’re missing the opportunity to build your brand.

Structured ways that allow you to constantly try new things with content format that suits behaviors and preferences of your audience will help you maintain a continuous stream of messaging.  This allows you to quickly reach out to your target market(s), and build rapport rather than preach.  Think about it this way… would you rather go fishing with one rod, or many with different types of lures?

In today’s works, every company is a media company.  No single piece of content is enough to position yourself with your audience. So get to the work of creating, publishing, promoting, measuring, tweaking…and repeating.  Don’t wait…it starts without end.

What are you social media and brand marketing goals for 2011?  What strategies have worked for you in 2010?

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