Ranelle Rubin Joins SmartBrand

SmartBrand is proud to welcome Ranelle Rubin to our core strategic team as Marketing Consultant & Business Development for the collaborative marketing agency.

With over 28 years of successful practice management, Rubin has focused her skills to create lasting sales results for both clients and employers.  Ranelle has assisted professional practices in doubling production while reducing overhead and implementing systems to handle the increase efficiently.

Ranelle inspires enthusiasm for professional brands in teams. Through her outgoing personality and trainings, she develops profitable environments in the office where personal and professional growth is encouraged, reaping lasting sales benefits.

Rubin’s focus will include:

  • Applying DISC behavior training for sales effectiveness
  • Training the verbal skills to effectively communicate to target audiences
  • Cause Marketing campaign development and implementation
  • Implementation of internal business branding processes
  • Project management
  • Event planning-coordination of team/vendors/marketing
  • Acquisition and negotiation of products and services
  • Training processes that inspire teams-fun, educational and inspiring retreats
  • Creating content for marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter and Blog posts that engage

“We’re obviously thrilled to have Ranelle’s skills on our core strategic team.  Her ability to help a professional office internally will serve our clients as they focus on internal branding.”, notes Larry DeVincenzi, SmartBrand’s Managing Partner.  “Ranelle’s expertise in marketing, advertising and social media greatly compliments our design and creative teams.”

SmartBrand continues to grow its affiliations with a wide range of individuals and services including brand strategy, advertising campaigns, social media services, media placement and public relations.

“We’re excited to continue to successfully demonstrate how our collaborative team structure achieves lasting results for our clients, at a level of service and pricing that’s not been experienced in our region before,” notes DeVincenzi.  “Our innovative, service-oriented structure is something truly unique and effective; something our clients reap the benefits of both financially, and creatively”.

For more information, contact  Ranelle at: ranelle@smartbrand.biz or call (775) 815-8296.

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