‘Tis The Season For Smart Holiday Marketing

With all the rush and hustle of the holiday season, you’d be wise to ask yourself if a marketing campaign specifically for the holidays is a wise investment?

It is…and here are a few good reasons why:

Through the first of the New Year, consumers are rooted in the seasonal “buyer mentality”.  Cash and credit cards are at our fingertips 24 hours a day – and most of the market is ready to purchase at the drop of a hat.  It’s no surprise that most retail businesses can make up to 50% of their annual revenues just during the holiday season alone.

So how best to take advantage of this more than eager-to-buy market?  There are many, many ways…but here are just a few you might find helpful:

1. Diversify for Every Budget

Smart retailers create gift ideas to suit every potential budget.  Do you have something you can sell for under $10?  How about under $50?  Or what about something over $100?  How can you segment your services or product line to meet a wide variety of demand from holiday shoppers?

2. Packages

Pre-packaged gift sets take the hard thinking out of giving – making it easier for their customers to give.  Don’t forget that it’s not only about the quality and demand for your services or products, but also creating an “easy-to-buy” culture around your sales processes.  Pre-packaging your business products can drive a much higher rate of return during the holidays.

3. Bundled Products or Services

Can you create combinations that extend your service or products market?  For example, could you combine various aspects of your business to appeal to health benefits? How about a free consultation, including a book or audio presentation?  How might you bundle complimentary services or products into a themed package offer?

4. Volume Discounts

Every customer wants to feel appreciated – especially for their loyalty and volume of purchases from you. Think of ways you can give your customers an incentive to buy multiple services or products.  Consider an additional discount on orders of a higher level ($100+).  Perhaps an even higher tier of discounts (25-50%) off orders over $250?  Implement ways you can use volume discounts to help increase sales.

5. “Something of the Month” Offer
Develop a program that allows your customers to receive something from you every month.  Not only will you build customer loyalty over the course of the entire year, but you’ll also create a base of repeat buyers that could help sustain you from year to year.  Most of these types of programs work best with additional discounts as a reward for your loyalty.  What other creative ways can you adopt this strategy to your business?

You don’t have to try to implement all of these strategies – just pick the one that feels right for your brand and timing in the market.  Be sure to be consistent with your promotions throughout all your communications.  And be very careful not to over-promote through social media channels – that may cause you more long-term harm than immediate good for sales and brand recognition.

Don’t forget… Make it easy and fun for customers to buy from you – and they’ll return the favor with their dollars to your sales.

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