Groupon Launches “Stores”

In today’s news, Groupon announced the launch of Groupon Stores, a brand new self-service platform for businesses looking to advertise and sell specials.

This new social media feature will allow businesses to build page-like profiles (like Facebook) that existing customers and prospects can follow to stay informed about the brand’s latest deals. Take a look at this example of a Groupon Stores profile:

Obviously,  Groupon is a little enthusiatic  about Groupon Stores, even saying it is “the future of Groupon.” In a prepared statement, Groupon said this:

“Groupon Stores is a place where your favorite, local businesses can sign up, create a store page, and post deals at anytime for you to see. Welcome to the future of Groupon.”

Now businesses no longer have to wait to be featured on the Groupon site, broadening the brand’s outreach in a viral fashion.  But, unlike the current Groupon deal-of-the-day specials, the company’s  staff will not have a role in creating the coupons for Groupon Stores.

As of this date, Groupon Stores has only been offered to a small group of businesses.

Stay tuned for updates on its process, and progress.

One Response to “Groupon Launches “Stores””

  1. jaimeah Says:

    Seems like an interesting, albeit incomplete idea: I will leave you the jet, but I will not tell you how to fly it.

    Also, it seems unclear what the venue would be to distribute these deals: Groupon’s local pages? The Merchant’s own?

    Seems to me a rather timid approach, especially when there are literally thousands of barbarians at the door offering “me too” sites.

    By not innovating aggresively (and concentrating on market share), Groupon is risking somebody stumbling over a good idea that makes it all irrelevant. Just ask Yahoo! how good market share is when someone has the rights to the “better mousetrap”…

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