Forget “The Box”

I literally wince every time I hear someone (often from another agency) say “we need to think outside the box” on this project/campaign/strategy.

Forget “thinking outside the box”.  There is no “box” in today’s marketing.

As a consumer, I’ve become cynical and skeptical about being marketed to.  The more impressions I get every day, the more I crave value, relevancy and authentic messages and images.  I want to connect on a much deeper level to the brands that I choose to love and allow into my life.

Look around us at the brands that are succeeding even in today’s economic climate – Avatar, iPad, Old Spice are a few good examples.  No matter how rotten the economy, or how en vogue it is to abhor conspicuous consumption, we’ll gleefully plop down our precious earnings for brands  that inspire us, entertain us, and in general, provide us a respite from the traditional ad pitch.

With social media, it seems that the experience economy has literally exploded.  No matter what your social status, your spot in the world, or your preferences, your life has picked up speed to a blurry pace.  By the time traditional advertising has caught up with you, you’ve already seen it, reviewed it with your friends, and if you liked (or disliked) it – shared it with a much broader group of individuals that the traditional ad agency may not have even begun to target.

And so it goes that social media is here to stay – in a big way.  I’m personally not convinced that social media is marketing alone – but just an important channel that must now be considered in every campaign, from every perspective conceivable.

Today, more than ever before, brands need to be fast.  They need to be smart.  And they need to speak to their audiences in more specific, relevant ways that people will actually pay attention to, and share with their community.  Traditional media may still be the foundation of that communication, but it’s certainly not the mainstay.

What do you think the future of marketing looks like?  What brands are resonating with you…and why?  Please share your thoughts, we’d appreciate your viewpoint!

2 Responses to “Forget “The Box””

  1. Louisa Says:

    Well said! I agree that Apple is doing a cracking job, after all, in this economy people are still falling over themselves to buy in to a premium brand. I think shows that the product is exceptional (or their marketing is!)

    I think traditional media still has its place, it could end up very much the support for online advertising and encouraging people to get online and interact.

  2. Larry DeVincenzi Says:

    Many thanks for stopping by Louisa. A mix of traditional and “new” media is key to leveraging both to their specific advantages in my opinion. We’re just getting started experimenting with exactly how those relationships can work well together.

    Thanks again for your time and comment…!


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