Let’s Have Some Fun

Personally, I’m guilty of it: taking marketing a little too seriously.  Sometimes, the best approach (especially in today’s economy) is to simply have a bit of fun with your marketing.  With the pressures and frustrations of finding a successful marketing path today, consumers continue to seek out engaging, fun ideas – especially through social media channels.

Having fun is important.  Being original at it is even more crucial.  Those who manage both can gain new clients and establish a lasting impression in the minds of consumers and prospects.  One of the keys is being entertaining…. so let’s have some fun.

Fun Advertising

As you launch your marketing, make some room for a few engaging ads that focus your brand’s message to consumers in a way they can personally relat to.  Perhaps it’s a character, a slogan, or even a mascot that promotes a humorous message related to your product or service.  If your business is conservative in nature, you still have plenty of opportunity to leverage sophistication to your advantage in an engaging way.

Promotional Specialties

Have you ever looked through a catalogue of promotional specialties?  You know… the pages and pages of mugs, backpacks, pens, toys and other items that start to blend into one confusing mess of options?  Find a professional to help you select one that compliments your marketing strategy and advertising campaign.  Fun trinkets can make a serious point – and both should be physically related.  Feature your giveaway in your ads – make it the central point of your campaign – and something that means more than its face value when received.  Tie your messaging and your item to a t-shirt.  Create a campaign around one idea, but express it in several ways that make your customers want to wear it as your traveling message. Your promotional item will not only be more appreciated, but have a longer “shelf life” in the minds of your customers.

Media Tie-Ins

Popular culture provides a wealth of opportunities to tie your messaging into a movie them or weekly television show. Like “Survivor”?  Then why not create a campaign with promotional items… maybe a poster…a t-shirt… or even some signage.  Create a competition for your customers to engage, then send it out to your target community via a press release and through your social media channels.  Because the popular culture theme is already accepted, you’ll find more initial interest in playing along with your game.

House Parties

When times get tough, people party.  Invite them to your office for an informal, hosted event.  You might consider the timing of this gathering to take place after your campaign is launched, and you have a little more interest in your message.  Add a fun promotional give-away, and you’ll have a winning combination.E

Online Games and Specials

Don’t underestimate the power of the net to attract more and more people to your business.  Banner ads, digital newsletters, ads and promotions can be the most effective means of attracting attention.  But beware – there is a fine line between online promotions and spamming.  Engage your current mailing list, and invite them to invite their friends to play along.  Perhaps a treasure hunt as an incentive to winning a discount to your services or product?  The key is participation and interactivity between your customers that will create a level of conversation about your brand you may not be able to buy.

All of these ideas need to be personalized to your company’s core values – and most importantly, your brand’s key positioning in the market.  Creativity is the key to having fun with marketing, as is consistency.  Integrating your message through your traditional media (television, radio and print) is an important factor to your success if budget allows.

The results will return ten-fold… and you’ll have a campaign worth your time and investment.

So come on… let’s have a little fun while we build your brand’s awareness.

What fun campaigns do you think have been the most successful in your community?  We’d love to see more examples of great work…so please let us know.

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