Get Smart(er) at the SM@RT Social Media Conference

Social media is changing the way we do business, how we communicate with clients and customers, and the way we buy and sell products.

Don’t be left behind.

The SM@RT conference delivers one of the best values of any similar conference anywhere bringing together professionals from marketing, tourism, gaming, service industries and nonprofits December 8-10, 2010, in Reno-Tahoe’s amazing ski country.

Now is a SM@RT time to invest your time and energy in social marketing. Last year found millions and millions of individuals and companies looking into ways at reaching valuable customers using tools that they had not even heard of just two years ago. In just nine months of last year, Facebook alone added 100 million users, and if it were a country, it would be the fourth most populated place on the planet. The revolution has just begun!

Expert presentations

The SM@RT conference features keynotes by David Nour and Scott Klososky, and more than two dozen presenters (including yours truly) speaking on a wide range of social media topics.

Who should attend

Designed for business professionals and those working in marketing/advertising who want to take their promotions and business strategies to the next level using social media, SM@RT is for:

  • Business owners
  • General managers
  • Marketing directors
  • Digital media marketers
  • Brand managers
  • Media/content providers
  • Communication directors
  • Advertising and sales reps
  • Professional service providers

Register early and save!

Early registration is $595 and is available until Nov. 1 (on-site registration is $750).

An amazing location

The SM@RT conference will be held December 8-10, 2010, in America’s playground, Reno-Tahoe. With the highest concentration of ski and snowboard resorts in the country, Reno is easy to reach with direct flights from the east coast and one hour flights from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Portland, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Seattle. Reno-Tahoe is just minutes away from 18 ski/board/cross-country ski areas. Summit elevations range from 7,350 to 10,100 feet and just about guarantees 20-foot snow packs and ski seasons that can last from November until the Fourth of July! SM@RT will be held at one of the area’s premier casino resorts, John Ascuaga’s Nugget, located just exits from exciting holiday shopping

3 Responses to “Get Smart(er) at the SM@RT Social Media Conference”

  1. Alice Heiman Says:

    I will be there presenting and I do hope everyone will attend.

  2. Alice Heiman Says:

    Oh, and I almost forgot, I will be running a BizTalk Blender to insure that all of you participants get to know one another so you can enjoy the conference together, do business together and collaborate.

  3. Milena Regos Says:

    Looking forward to this great conference. I’m still waiting to hear what people in travel and tourism would like to learn from my presentation. Feel free to drop me an email at
    Don’t miss it – this is going to be a big social media conference happening in our own Lake Tahoe – Reno area.

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