Six Northern Nevada Businesses Collaborate Form Green Business Group

The Nevada Sustainable Business Alliance (NVSBA <> ) has been formed by six local northern Nevada businesses in an effort to co-market their resources to a growing community of “green” consumers.   The organization intends to grow its membership base quickly with affordable membership rates; 50% of which will be dedicated to marketing efforts for the organization’s participants.

“We saw a need in our State for a collaborative effort to help businesses of all sizes work together to reach out to consumers.” said Lawrence Rickman, owner of Dream2Clean services.  “We’re planning events, on-going education, and networking mixers that we’re confident will help our members and consumers understand the importance of living in a sustainable fashion. The NVSBA was started to allow sustainable businesses and consumers to find one another.”

NVSBA has already begun to see it’s membership grow, and has offered other “green” businesses an “Early Bird Membership Discount” to encourage the first 25 members to join the organization.  The response has been immediate, with over ten new companies pledging their support.

“We’re requiring that our members offer some sort of special discount to the public that they can only get through contacting us through the website.” Notes Larry DeVincenzi, the group’s marketing consultant from SmartBrand, a local branding firm.  “In addition to the other membership benefits, we’re confident that the affordable membership fees will be returned to our members time and again.”

The website, designed by Todd Ballowe of MetaTask Website Design, enables members to easily build and maintain a specific website for their company on the NVSBA’s system.   “This will help broaden our membership’s online reach, while adding value to their main website by increasing their visibility to the major search engines.  For the time needed to build a NVSBA website, the bottom-line returns to revenue growth will be well worth the investment.”

Debbie Cox, one of NVSBA’s Founders and owner of CHAOS office solutions, summed up the group’s drive and purpose in saying “I feel it is the job of everyone out there to make our environment and our world a better place to live.  We must start caring about how we live environmentally – the products we use, and how harmful they may be.”

“I feel sorrow when I see something on our earth that we have destroyed, or hear of someone with long-term health challenges due to exposure of some harmful substance. On the other hand, I feel a sense of excitement when I see us moving in a direction of sustainability and responsibility” John Allen of Carvel Painting said.  “When we unite with others who feel this way – big things can happen.  I look forward to connecting with, and promoting environmentally responsible companies. I see the NVSBA as an organization with huge potential to do just that.”


The NVSBA hopes you’ll consider joining us during our “early bird” membership drive.  The first 25 members will receive discounted membership fees and a free blog posting on our website.  Connect with us today!

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