Gambling On Advertising

For some businesses, placing a bet on advertising feels like gambling at the casino.  Marketers often don’t make this any better for their clients in their belief that dedicating ad dollars to campaigns is a bit like playing Texas Hold ‘Em – a gamble at best.  And to be truthful, that can be the case – but not because advertising doesn’t work.

It’s usually because of a variety of other factors – boring creative, an ill-thought strategy, and more frequently, because the campaign itself wasn’t funded to establish enough frequency.

Just like a good round at the poker table, the hand your dealt has little to do with your chances of winning or losing the next hand. Each successive hand is a new event, and there may be little or no link from one success to another.  But integrated communications – especially in marketing and advertising, is very different.

You can start the marketing wheel with a bet, and will find that spinning it again the next time is easier…faster…and produces more results.  Much like social media, it’s not a single follower, but the momentum of building a following that carries you on to a successful campaign, and with a bit of luck, some true viral buzz.

The error for many comes in placing their bet on a single tactic.  This will likely produce some kind of result – a spike in web traffic, an increase in phone calls.  But once the campaign has run its course in a few weeks, the numbers return back to their previous state of static.  And so, another push to start the wheel is needed…with an equal amount of effort…and the odds are reset.  The goal then, is to integrate your marketing…and all of your communications to keep them consistent, and eventually, let the bet ride as the wheels spin faster and faster.

You’ll get to the big payout faster, with less effort by staying consistent with your campaigns, and especially, with your advertising investment.

Strategy plays an even bigger role.  Clearly defining your goals, and your messaging will help get you off to the right start – and put a little insurance on your betting hand.

4 Responses to “Gambling On Advertising”

  1. sharonmarkovsky Says:

    I totally agree with you on this, particularly with respect to budget! When I was running my own marketing consulting firm, I constantly battled with clients over short runs of advertising and their effectiveness. I had one client insist on running one ad in a very expensive home journal/magazine and not want to pay us for the ad when it didn’t work. And, we told him right up front this wouldn’t work. But he insisted, so we did what he asked. ARGH!


    • Larry DeVincenzi Says:


      I feel your pain! With all of the options today for marketers, we tend to shy away from suggesting advertising as a viable, effective part of the mix. If don’t well, traditional media still works – but it takes a bit of dedication, creativity, and placement savvy. It’s frustrating when a client won’t heed your advice!

      Thanks for stopping by…


  2. Joe Salcedo Says:


    BINGO! “You’ll get to the big payout faster, with less effort by staying consistent with your campaigns, and especially, with your advertising investment.”

    In my experience this is golden advice. The longer we stay online, making consistent strides and re-investing what’s working, the more successful we will be.

    I’ m on my way to my 3rd year online and the ideas and implementation is much much better. But it took time.

    Thanks for this really good post.


    • Larry DeVincenzi Says:


      Thanks for the support and kind words. Even in this economy, consistency is key. It takes time to really gain some tractions – too many give up before they can really establish a base of returns.

      If you ever have any topics or questions you’d like to see on this blog, I’d be happy to look into them.

      Thanks for commenting!


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