Social Media Do’s And Don’ts

Social media is, by its very nature, an ongoing conversation.  Without honestly and openly engaging your audience, you’ll simply be shouting into the void.  I’m often asked what I think makes social media effective, and thought I’d share a short list here, and see if you have others.

Social Media Don’ts:
:: Directly selling your product or service to your audience is a turn-off.  With all the obtrusive messages we receive on a daily basis, who wants another uninvited sales pitch?
:: Self promotion falls into the “direct sale” category.  Learn from your competitors, and keep the conversation flowing.
:: If you receive criticism (and you likely will), don’t ignore it – address it.  Never continue an argument over anyone’s perception.  Listen… learn… and adjust if necessary.
:: Having multiple online names and associated emails  can be confusing to your audience, and may make it more difficult if you’re trying to brand yourself effectively.
:: Fact and figures may be interesting, but don’t use them to prove how smart you are.
:: Never try to be anything other than who you are.  In time, everyone will see through your fake facade.
:: Don’t engage every channel you can think of to connect with irrelevant audiences.  Be targeted… in everything you do.
:: Don’t use just one social network.  You’ll get more insight by trying one or two primarily – and certainly learn more about your potential audiences that way.

Social Media Do’s:
:: Listen, listen, listen to your audience and prospects.
:: Actively listen to your customers.
:: Strategically listen to your competitors.
:: Honestly listen to your critics.
:: Listen and converse with your  followers and fans.
:: Ask questions of, and listen intently to your industry leaders.
:: Always be responsible and honest whatever you write.
:: Be authentic and stay positive.
:: Be helpful to your  fans and followers – you just never know who might be a prospective customer, or know someone who is.
:: Always double-check your tone, language, spelling and grammar before you send or pass-on information, comments, and reviews.
:: Respect all copyrights.
:: Develop and post a clear policy that protects your confidential information.
:: Focus all your efforts on customer value, at all times.

:: Determine specific goals and make sure you’ve included a mechanism to determine your success or failure (ROI)

I’m sure there are many, many other “do’s and don’ts” you can think of.   What are some you think are important?

3 Responses to “Social Media Do’s And Don’ts”

  1. Jon Edmondo Says:

    Very nice! Thanks Larry! Part of listening is using a social monitoring service to see what information your customers are looking at and what areas of your site or other social media their visiting. What surround conversations are going on?? It’s important to understand why people are visiting and what they feel is most important.

    • Larry DeVincenzi Says:

      Thanks Jon… you’re absolutely right. Social monitoring, like a good tracking system for your website (Google Analytics), are really important in learning about your prospects and customers habits. I’m always amazed and fascinated by that data.

  2. Judy Cook Says:

    Great post, Larry. Concise and covers the essentials. Will share!

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