Building A Green Community

There’s no question that the demand to become more sustainable in our personal and professional lifestyles is social and economic trend that is here to stay.  That desire raises a host of questions about services, products and processes that are both accessible and attainable to understand and implement.  But where do you go to find them locally?

That was the very questioning that spurred us to build three different types of communication channels to help educate and engage local companies and individuals to integrate “green” lifestyle practices – and help build more relationships to foster greater growth of sustainability.

We started in 2008 by building a community online – an experiment to see if the demand was truly there.  Project ecoBrand was designed to enable professionals and individuals to connect with one another, share their information, and develop relationships that they may not have the time to create otherwise – all without a fee of any kind.  But we found that online connections, while successful in establishing an initial awareness, didn’t provide the kind of personal interaction that truly built lasting relationships.

In January of 2009, we launched local chapters of the international organization Green Drinks.  These monthly meetings had successfully taken root around the world, and we knew that it could flourish in Nevada.  Today, both Reno and Las Vegas offer monthly Green Drinks gatherings that enable participants to socialize and connect in a less formal setting, while also providing an opportunity for local businesses to engage new customers and provide information about sustainable practices and companies to the growing army of “green” professionals.

While the Green Drinks movement continues to grow, we knew there was an opportunity to reach into the homes and offices with a small publication, and so GReNO was born.  Printed on recycled paper, with just two colors of soy ink at a local press, the publication was written and produced by volunteers, with advertising prices at rates designed to be affordable even for the smallest company in today’s economy.  The response has been tremendous, with GReNO launching it’s 6th quarterly edition in the weeks ahead.

We know this is just the start of helping to inform and engage our region around the importance of sustainable practices, and more importantly, establishing the relationships that will continue to build a “green economy” in Nevada.  Whether online, at a local restaurant/bar, or in print – we hope you’ll join us.

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