Google Goes Mad (Men)

Google’s newest television campaign this week features Mad Men‘s Don Draper as an ideal opportunity for advertisers to use its online auction system to catch the interest of upscale viewers.
Some “new media gurus”  and “social media experts” might be scratching their heads wondering why Google, of all companies, is spending money on good old fashioned television spots?
True, they had ventured successfully into that space during this year’s Superbowl:
So what’s this all about?  Has hell actually frozen over?
No… Google just knows that marketing, when done successfully, is a delicate combination of great creative, and smart media placement through all the available channels – not just online.
So exactly what is Google’s current message?  Television:

And who better to represent their venture into traditional media channels than a successful Ad Man?

And what’s the message in this new campaign?  It’s your brand.  Knowing who you are, and what makes you unique.  Because great brands are about emotions, not “boring” analytics and statistic – and Google knows it.  Smart.  Very smart.

Even smarter, Google recognizes it’s a media platform – not a creative agency.  So it’s offering outside agencies who can help create your television spot with you.

Great branding companies know that creative and strategy work as one.  Great marketing and advertising firms know that brands need to communicate in a way that honestly connects emotionally, and most importantly, authentically.  This reality is often lost on the small business owner, who still believes that “selling is telling”.

Think about Google’s copy:

“Why Advertise on TV? By exploring the world of television ads, you are considering one of the most compelling and powerful media outlets available today. With the average American watching over 150 hours of television per month, television allows advertisers the opportunity to engage with audiences while they’re consuming entertainment and information. Television allows you to convey your message through sight, sound, and motion while building credibility and trust in your brand. Read success stories from small and medium-sized businesses that have used television advertising to grow their businesses.”

What’s my point?  It’s simple:  Building great brands through marketing and advertising requires you create an emotional connection with your audience, and that you need to use ALL of the available tools without being narrow-minded.  Far too many times I’ve heard the SEO company pitch that they’ll get you to “#1 in your Google category – guaranteed”.  And I always respond – so what?  Others have guaranteed that the Facebook page they’ll build for you will be all you’ll need.  Not in a million years.

Choose your media carefully, and think about the value that traditional media offer today.  Television and radio are great – if it perfectly suits your brand and its audience.  Then take every opportunity into consideration before deciding on a strategic brand communication plan that works for your brand.

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