8 Responses to “What Values Does Your Logo Convey?”

  1. Alice Says:

    I love your explainations of each logo. The complexity is amazing, given that each logo is so simple and attractive. The Baskin Robbins is my favorite. It is so clever the way they incorprated the 31.

  2. Branding | Your | Company | Alice Heiman LLC Says:

    […] is much more than a clever logo, but the logo should convey the message. Take a look at this recent blog post by brand expert Larry […]

  3. Larry DeVincenzi Says:

    Thanks Alice! And thanks for reading our blog too!

  4. Kathy Carrico Says:

    GREAT blog Larry, explanations of each brand/logo helps business people understand the careful thought and time necessary to do it right up front. I like the Fed Ex, never noticed the arrow, but certainly clever in the message of transportation. Thanks to Alice for sharing.

    • Larry DeVincenzi Says:

      Thanks for stop by Kathy. And a special thanks to Alice for sharing it with her network too.

      Don’t forget… your brand is far more than a logo. It starts with your unique positioning in the market that provide you with foundation for all your communications. A logo is just one expression of that important work.

      Please let me know if you have any questions that our readers might enjoy too.

      Thanks again!

  5. 3 Key Guides For Your Logo Design « smartbrandblog Says:

    […] Everyone has a name (except brands we’ve helped name).  Everyone has competition (if you don’t yet…you may soon).  How are you going to express the difference in your product or service with a single, brief glance?  What visual values set you apart from your crowd?  What can you express in color, typography and design that is a simple, elegant statement of your bra… […]

  6. Logo Technology Design for Branding | TechWench.com Says:

    […] logo can communicate your values and services much like the FedEx logo communicated efficiency. Logos that truly communicate what the company offers […]

  7. logo designs Says:

    The most important thing at logo design for me is to design logos with a message. Тhis is achieved when seemingly ordinary characters change when wе are changing and our perception

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