Reno Green Drinks @ Reno Collective – West Street Market In July!

It was another great gathering of “green” professionals at this month’s Reno Green Drinks at Reno Collective.  A BIG thank you to Mike Malody at Reno Beer Crawl for providing the libations.

Photos of the night’s festivities can be seen here.

Thanks to Natural Nevadan for joining us…and covering it on their blog!

Reno Green Drinks thanks to Ed Askins and Colin Robertson for giving our group tours of the Reno Collective facilities.  If you haven’t stopped by to see them – please take time to check Reno Collective out at 250 Bell Street in downtown Reno.

JULY’S Reno Green Drinks will be on THURSDAY, JULY 22nd (5-7pm as always) – and we’ll be meeting at WEST STREET MARKET.

Just in time for Artown, and for the peak of the downtown summer season.  We hope you’ll join us in supporting the bars, shops and restaurants in one of Reno’s most sustainable reuse of urban areas – the West Street Market.

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