Will “Social Media” Phrase Peak In 2012?

According to a post by Justin Kistner, Social Evangelist at web analytics company Webtrends, social media will peak in 2012 – just in time for the Mayan calendar to end and the world as we know it. Mr. Kistner also noted today that the current era of social media “is Facebook’s game to lose.”

Some interesting data Google Trends (below) suggests that the term ‘Web 2.0’ became popular in 2005 and peaked in mid-2007.  How was this measured?  Google use, of course. . You see that the term “social media” started to become popular in 2008, and then took a sharp turn upwards in usage n 2009.

I’ll side with to Kistner’s assessment that we have a year or two more of growth with the use of the term “social media”.  If the trending proves similar to other semantic trends,  2012 would be a reasonable year for it to peak.

Do you think the term “social media” could last longer in the venacular than “web 2.0”?  What might the next popular phrase for this communication sector be if not?

3 Responses to “Will “Social Media” Phrase Peak In 2012?”

  1. markus Says:

    Question.. anybody knows how to get your market from twitter???

  2. Nikolas Allen Says:

    While we do like to adopt and discard the latest terminology at an accelerated rate, I think the term “social media” has a little more staying power than the two other words tracked here. Here’s why:

    New Media – Obviously, something can only be “new” for so long. While this term seemed appropriate when it was coined, the very definition of the word, “new” indicated that its freshness date was limited.

    Web 2.0 – We are so used to the nature of technological upgrades that the minute this name was bestowed, it was automatically transitory. Although, I’m still curious to see what innovation will be required to bring us to Web 3.0.

    Social Media – Sure, there will come a time when we can hardly remember technology NOT having a real-time, interactive nature. But, that’s still a little ways off. In the meantime, both the term, “social,” and the term, “media,” are accurately descriptive and not nearly as limited as their predecessors.

    Therefore, it’s my prediction that the term “social media” will last well beyond the final dates of the Mayan calendar.


  3. Larry DeVincenzi Says:

    Excellent points Nikolas. Good to know there are others who think the term may outlive the current short life expectancy of the Mayan world!

    Thanks for your comment, and for reading our blog.

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