What Should I know about Selling and Social Media?

by Alice Heiman

There is just so much information out there on social media and all of my clients are asking me what they need to do. The short answer is participate.

My recommendation is to have a blog, participate on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Deciding what is best for your company can be confusing so I recommend contacting a professional (or team like SmartBrand) who is successful in helping companies with their online presence.

It is also important to remember that your social media plan needs to be part of your overall sales and marketing plan. Most importantly remember social media is about the converstation,building relationships and putting out interesting content that people can relate to and respond to.

Here are some good sites to follow to keep up on what is happening in social media: www.mashable.com,www.socialmediatoday.com,www.socialconversations.com.

I also offer online workshops to help you get started on Facebook and LinkedIn. Watch my social media platforms for more information or call us 775-852-5020.

In December I will be part of Smart Reno Tahoe, a social media marketing conference for professionals, small businesses, nonprofits, gaming and tourism. I hope you will join us. For more info www.smartrenotahoe.com.

The world of social media is changing fast. You can generate leads, develop relationships and yes, make sales if you use it properly.

Sales Expert and Networking Guru, Alice Heiman has been helping companies increase sales since establishing Alice Heiman, LLC in 1997 based on her strong belief that companies can create opportunities for further success through sales process implementation. Specifically, she focuses on redesign, implementation and reinforcement of sales process, including acquisition, retention and growth of customers. Alice mentors sales management to transform them into proactive coaches while helping senior management establish a sales culture that will continue to grow their bottom line.

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