Measuring Your Social Media


Yes…it can be done…and with accuracy.  Brand awareness is still a major goal, but metrics play a key role in measuring the ROI from your investment in time – or your client’s investment in you.  Start with the goal… then determine the time you think it should take to achive – then measure your results for the two.  It’s not as difficult as you’d think.  Here’s a few suggestions to get you started:

For Facebook

So much expectation around this platform that it’s quickly become the defacto leader in the social media mix.  There are plenty of tools and demos you can work with, a few of which really help measure your success:

  • How many times was your promotion message liked?
  • If you launched your own Facebook application, how many times was it actually installed and shared?
  • Did you actually reach your targeted audience?  Check in with Facebook Insights for some guidance.
  • What was your investment into your Facebook campaign in dollard, and how does that compare with the cost-per-click, or better yet, amount of new sales?

The Viral Blog

Blogger outreach programs are key to public relations these days.  For the money, it’s quickly becoming a cost-effective way to spread your brand’s message.

  • Use Google Alerts to find out just how many bloggers are talking about you.
  • Do your research to find out what comments they received.
  • Measure your web traffic both before, and after the campaign.

The Tweet

Immediate results – for la fraction of a penny on an impression. Twitter is quickly becoming the go-to application to launch a brand. Measuring your impact on Twitter is fairly simple to uncover:

  • How many times was your hashtag used?
  • Who retweeted your posts?
  • If you have a vanity URL – how many times was it accessed and used?
  • Of course, how many new followers did you gain?  Be sure to eliminate the growing army of spammers who really arent’ engaged with you.

Video, Video, Video

Perhaps our personal favorite, YouTube (Vimeo, Viddler, etc.) are quickly becoming THE tool of choice.  Try to discover:

  • What is your new views count?
  • Did you receive any “likes”?
  • What was the download count for your video?
  • Did you gain new subscribers to your channel?
  • How many social shares did you track?

These suggestions just begin to scratch the surface of possibilities for measuring your campaign.  New tools to help you do this spring up like dandelions in a field of grass.  The key is to truly define your goals before you start…and establish your form of measurement well before taking any steps toward a launch.

After all…without an accurate way to measure your efforts, why even start?

What are YOU doing to measure your campaigns?  What successes/failures have you experienced that might help others?

How about you – how are you measuring your campaigns and defining success?

2 Responses to “Measuring Your Social Media”

  1. Kevin Knutson Says:

    Larry, I would add the power of in-house blogs and the analytical tools that come with platforms suchs WordPress and Blogger, including trackbacks and pings. I love finding out how “sticky” our messages are–do they generate links on other blogs or social media, or are retweeted.

    Also, using URL shorteners like gives you the opportunity to track how many people are accessing your target page through specific outreach tool, such as when you use a URL shortener on Twitter.

    I’m also experimenting with Google analytics…difficult to set up, but incredibly powerful once you’ve got it all together.

    Great post, by the way. Thanks!

  2. Larry DeVincenzi Says:

    Absolutely right Kevin.

    WordPress and Blogger offer some great analytics through their internal dashboards. I’m finding that Google Alerts help me find out just how far the blog is spreading.

    Nothing beats engaging “in person” as you’ve shown here. Commenting is still one of the best “tools” to get a real response, and even a link back to increase your SEO.

    Once you get Google Analytics set up, check out the iPhone app:

    It’s handy to watch results on a daily basis (if you have an iPhone).

    Thanks for stopping by….

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