Just over two months ago, I stepped into the role of “Interim Executive Director” to try and save our local community access station SNCAT (Sierra Nevada Community Access Television).   As you may know, public access is struggling to survive, let alone thrive across our nation; and I feel the public’s right to direct media access is one of the guarantees of freedom of speech we must all enjoy and protect.  Add to that our current need to use media to communicate all the possibilities and opportunities in today’s changing market, and I believe that access to media is more important today, than at any other time in our history.  We need, and deserve, the right to public media access.  So much for my soap-boxing!

As part of SNCAT’s operations, a contract with Nevadaworks was well underway, requiring SNCAT to provide training services to a group of individuals that continue to meet weekly for training and placement services.  In addition, SNCAT was retained to produce an entire brand launch campaign for the organization’s new job outreach effort “It’s About Jobs”.

Nothing substantial had been done on the campaign’s development for over six months, although all the fees had been paid to SNCAT in full for the campaign’s development.  Creative and strategic action on SNCAT’s part was long overdue, and our client, Nevadaworks, deserved something truly effective for their patience and dedication.

In less than two months, we conceived/scripted, designed, and developed a comprehensive media plan and advertising for this important community campaign by Nevadaworks.

Bus signage, newpaper ads, television and radio spots, and a wide ranging online brand/click campaign will all hit the strategic media channels targeted for the next 8 months.  I personally want to thank Lotus Communications, Jason Newmark at Singingwood Creative, and Fong Menante for their amazing efforts in launching this new brand with such grace and ease in this very short timeframe.

Check out the TV commercials below, and let us know what you think about this first part of the campaign!

One Response to “ Campaign”

  1. Kevin Knutson Says:

    Nice work, Larry.

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