What’s Up With Green Eggs & Local Ham?


Greno was created because it’s time. As educators, local experts, business owners, and residents in Northern Nevada collaborating to grow a more sustainable region – we realized that this publication did not exist, and it needs to. We needed a place to be on the same page with each other and speak with the community at-large. We were interested in helping others increase their knowledge about different and more sustainable means of prospering, feeding their families, and powering our cities. Daily, more and more people in Northern Nevada are deciding it’s time for them and their families to live better and more responsibly – to waste less, to reduce consumption or reuse an item – because every little step adds to the momentum of this sustainability movement growing in our region.

Now, we have a tool, a place to turn to for guidance, education, community news, and inspiration as we continue to grow a more sustainable, responsible, and green region.

We all eat! So, we decided to focus Greno #003 primarily on food, where it comes from, and those who are working to provide our community with nutritious edibles. This eating process is a big portion of how we live, and in this issue you will meet new ideas and practices that may lead you to change something about how you eat, one spoon at a time.

When we eat Lay’s Potato Chips, drink a Coca-Cola, or even a Fig Newton there is a chain of resources and people who effectively engineered that possibility for us, and unfortunately these companies may not be thinking about our health, but the dollars we give them in exchange for their brilliant engineering!

In this issue of Greno we are investigating a healthier alternative when consuming edible, drinkable and packaged products. Every choice has a ripple effect that connects each vegetable we eat to a network of people, places, vehicles, chemicals, or not. It’s time to get down and dirty!

Please enjoy this issue. We enjoyed putting it together.  Download your free copy of GReNO here, or visit your local sustainable store for your free copy.

We look forward to growing with you,

The Greno Team – Morgan, Christal, Larry, Marc and Jason

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