SmartBrand Launches theEXCHANGE February 17th

It all began in 2009 with a series of unstructured conference calls for our eco-networking group, Project ecoBrand.

We’d host monthly chats with members of that community as a means to have them connect with one another, while learning more about their companies and developments. The telephone conference events were well received, and many made business connections that carried them far beyond the simple phone networking we conducted.

As our firm became increasingly busier, the opportunities to develop additional meetings became less frequent – and the telephonic networking events came to a slow halt over the course of the summer.  The idea, however, was still in our minds.

At the end of 2009, we went into our annual planning session for the new year, and the idea of hosting online networking sessions came again from our team at SmartBrand.  As we often do, the plans were germinated online in our collaborative management system Basecamp.  Each member stepped up to take on a portion of the task – Michael Clawson developing the logo designs to choose from, with Patty Clawson working with the strategy team to position the product and develop the name.

Each of us had a role in how we might best launch a new series – what the topics might be throughout the year, and working toward a common goal of providing our network with a new opportunity to help develop their businesses.

And so we launch theExchange on February 17th…a networking opportunity created by the diverse and talented team of working professionals at SmartBrand, who were interested in presenting a small group platform to share ideas and discuss the strategies that matter most.

This month, we’ll feature our Affiliate and Sales Coach Alice Heiman as she’ll present a short overview on “Networking Your Way To New Business”.  Alice normally charges a substantial fee for similar webinars, and so we are very lucky to have her presenting with our team to a new audience for free.

And so, in future months, you can expect theEXCHANGE to bring you:

• Featured monthly Guest Speakers

• Live Q & A

• Interesting Commentary

• Advise and Antidotes

• Valuable information on marketing, advertising, sales, social media and design strategies

• And of course, Networking

We hope you’ll join us, and provide us with some feedback so we can make these events truly beneficial for everyone who attends.  If you’d like more information, simply download the PDF from our website here.

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