Reno Tahoe USA is “Far From Expected”.

It’s been a long road for the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitor’s Authority to get to this date.  Today the RSCVA Board approved a new campaign tag line for our region – “Far From Expected”.

Personally, I don’t consider this aspect of the overall effort all that critical to the campaign’s success, although it certainly does need to convey the essence of the brand in an immediately memorable way.  The previous suggestion “A Little West of Center” was not received by local politicians (and many citizens) as appropriate or inspiring.

I would disagree with those who didn’t like the first suggestion, as “A Little West Of Center” tied nicely to Reno’s well-known “Biggest Little City In the World”.  But then, this campaign isn’t about Reno – it’s about our region.  “Far From Expected” seems a bit of a safe compromise – and while shorter for many to easily remember, it doesn’t invite questions about it’s meaning – which I think may have been a good element to invite tourists to wonder about and discover meaning for themselves.

My personal opinions aside, “Far From Center” conveys the essence of this new approach – embracing our region’s oddities and uniqueness, and I applaud the RSCVA and its agency Mortar for getting this key element approved so the campaign can move forward and hopefully reverse the 11 year streak of visitor declines that have affected businesses throughout our region.

What do you think about “Far From Center”?

(Before you suggest your own creative positioning tag line, be sure to read and investigate the research that went into deciding this campaign was needed, and what the public – the keeper of our brand, thought).

7 Responses to “Reno Tahoe USA is “Far From Expected”.”

  1. Jim_S Says:

    Thanks for the words Larry. One thing worth emphasizing is that this tagline serves the ad campaign, not the brand logo as “America’s Adventure Place” did.

    This is certainly difficult to communicate when the expectation is that the RSCVA is replacing the old tagline. Although the old tagline went away, “Far from expected” is not exactly a replacement.

  2. Larry DeVincenzi Says:

    So now I’m confused Jim…

    This tagline serves the campaign. I get that. The brand logo serves the brand…not the campaign…right?

    If this tagline doesn’t replace the old tagline…what purpose does it serve?

  3. Wolfy Says:

    Far From Center? I’m not sure that says anything good.

    Far from expected tells me that I won’t get what I paid for. In this country I want to get what I expected. If it wasn’t good enough, then I should have set my sights higher.

    A little west of center is meaningless, but fun, clever, and catchy. But is also sounds super liberal, so I can see why that would stick in the craw.


  4. Sabrina O. Says:

    I do like the “A Little West of Center” as it alludes to the ruggedness of the West as can be experienced only in Reno-Tahoe. Especially since SF is the Far Out West, Reno-Tahoe is simply The West in its unadorned cowboy glory. The power of this mythical, pioneering, rugged, pickyourself-up-from-your-bootstraps West is part of America’s imprint, and the area should really continue to capitalize on that image, it exists nowhere else.

    “Far from Expected” – It was far better than expected? Or it was far worse than expected? Is the glass half empty or half full? Well at least the optimists won’t be disappointed…

    Deciding on a tagline is most assuredly a daunting task – I dare not even make a suggestion of my own. I know I am being like a judge on a reality TV show, assessing talent far greater than I have myself. But in the inimitable words of Yogi Berra, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

  5. Jim_S Says:


    What I mean is this “tagline” is attached to this specific advertising campaign. So in theory it lasts as long as this campaign lasts. “Reno Tahoe USA,” on the other hand, replaced “Reno-Tahoe, America’s Adventure Place.”

  6. Reno Navy Guy Says:

    I like the Reno Tahoe USA tagline. It sells the area and that’s what ultimately counts. You will never satisfy everyone no matter how hard you try but I think you the words Reno and Tahoe in the tagline help to sell the area/region. I suspect that Sparks will not be part of the RSCVA forever.

    You need to make some reference to the area/region in the tagline so that outsiders instantly know what area/region you are referring to. And, the “far from expected” add-on portion of the tagline can be changed when time calls for it but can always use Reno Tahoe USA.

  7. Mike McDowell Says:

    How long until we see the RTCVA? : )

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