The Planting Of GReNO

greno - northern nevada_ first truly sustainable publication

It was just over 7 months ago when Morgan Tiar, owner of our community’s only sustainable “Green” store EcoReno, came to me with her idea.  While she and her husband Marc had started their store a little over a year ago, they’ve both been passionately dedicated to educating anyone who’d listen about the easy, simple changes you can make in your everyday life to become more ecologically conscious, and sustainable in your lifestyle.

“I want to start a local, green publication” she said.  And she asked for SmartBrand‘s help to do just that.  There was no seed money, no sales force, no advertisers – not even a sense of how we might go about it.  But we both agreed it would be a great idea, and met a few times to explore the possibilities.

I had seen a recent publication produced by Starbuck’s called “Good Sheet”.  It was a simple fold-out flyer type of informational piece, filled with ideas and inspirational thoughts.  The most interesting part of the little pub was that it was on recycled paper, and appeared to feature soy ink in a limited color palette.   For me, this was a great model for us.

Within a few weeks, we’d coined the phrase “GReNO”, a play on being green in our town Reno.  We asked a few friends what they thought, and they all agreed it was the kind of brand name they would follow.  Next came steps to find a way to print the publication on as high a recycled content as we could – and we wanted to be sure we used soy inks.  We searched for days without luck locally – but then stumbled across an ideal solution – a local press at the Sparks Tribune could provide us just those publication types, and the entire piece could be printed locally.  What was better was the pricing, and even better, their service.

And so we set off to determine what our budget needed to be, and creating an ad price structure we thought just about anyone could afford in this recession.  Morgan worked diligently, raising her family of small sprouts, while also working with Marc to build their business at EcoReno.  While this was a labor of love, none of us took it lightly – and we did everything we could to pull it together with advertisers, designers, and serving as our own editors.

A few months later, the first edition of GReNO rolled off the presses – and we were as proud as new parents.  We spent all our free time folding the publication, our fingers black and green with soy ink.  What other time we could find, we distributed the publication’s initial 7,500 copies around the region – spending hours and our own money to spread its credo:

GRENO is a step in the right direction for solution and awareness, educating our community on sustainability.  As ecologically-minded Reno residents, businesspeople, and consumers ourselves, we saw a need for a publication that fellow green-minded people could turn to. A resource for green business referrals, advice, food for thought, and a sense of belonging.

You are not alone in feeling like we need to reduce waste, energy and If you would like to promote your green business in an environmentally aware low carbon-footprint publication, then GRENO is for you.

This small, organic publication does just that. A simple and locally printed publication on recycled paper with soy based inks, taking sustainability into consideration in the publication itself. Articles, columns, and provocative information – a manifestation – for our community to support your business and its sustainability mission.

Today, we’re happy to announce Volume 002 of our publication – now up to 8 full pages.  Twice the size as our first, packed with more than twice the content than our first release.  Our community has come forward to support us in ways we couldn’t have imagined.  Friends have helped sell ads, write columns, and generally give us the support needed to make it a reality.

Without our community’s support – there’d be no GReNO.  And without Morgan and Marc Tiar’s undying support, there would have never been the seed to plant that has grown into this amazing little paper for our community.

So stop by EcoReno as soon as you can, and pick up your copy of our little gem.  Feel it, read it, enjoy it.  We’re as proud as new parents.  Grab a stack of pre-folded copies, and bring them to your neighborhood stores and friends.  We need your help spreading this good information and news.  If you shop at WholeFoods here locally, you’ll find GReNO in the free rack distribution there.

You can also download the current copy of GReNO from our “homegrown” website.  That too has never had a budget – nor made any of us a penny.  More importantly, you can buy from good people and local community business owners like Morgan and Marc Tiar at EcoReno.  They need, and deserve our support to keep their work and passion in our community growing.  Go green…buy local!

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