Smart, Savvy Social Media Tips From Alice Heiman


Our good friend and affiliate, Alice Heiman, has kindly offered to allow us to re-post some of her smart, savvy sales tips here on SmartBrand’s blog to help our readers maximize their marketing investment.  After all – a great marketing strategy must ultimately result in increased sales, and it takes a synchronized effort from both marketing and sales to make that happen for any business today.

Here’s Alice’s insightful tips on social media for your business:

To be successful using social media to promote your business take the following steps:

1.      Take a look at your current plan and review the ways you are currently reaching your target market.  Ask yourself, what’s working and what’s not.

2.      Think about your ideal customer, what social media are they using?  Look at the demographics of the users of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the others and see if it matches.  Ask your current customers what social media they use.

3.      Think about your image and the messaging you want to use to communicate on social media.

4.      Make an editorial calendar for what you will post.  Good content is the key.  Push out content on a regular basis and then in between you can promote your events or specials.

5.      Determine who is going to be responsible for posting.  It needs to be done consistently.

6.      Review and evaluate the results of what you have executed.  Make changes to your strategy based on this information.

They key to successfully promoting yourself or a business with social media is to have a plan that integrates with your overall sales and marketing strategy and enhances that in some way.  Know what your goals are and measure the results.

Utilizing social media properly is a lot of work and in many companies becomes a full time job.  There are many companies you can outsource to and I recommend that if you can afford it.  Just make sure they develop a plan in conjunction with your current sales and marketing plan.

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