Bing’s Boom


According to Efficient Frontier,  a self-proclaimed worldwide market and technology leader providing search engine marketing (SEM) solutions, the total number of clicks performed by users on Microsoft Bing increased by 45% since the search engine’s June 2009 launch.

Granted, you’d expect a new product to be initially tried given the media blitz Microsoft has spent millions to launch.  But the increase in numbers is impressive.

Comparatively,  Efficient Frontier also notes  that the increase in clickshare for Bing was mostly gained at the fall of Google which reportedly lost 1.4% of its share, while Yahoo! took a smaller hit of 0.63%.

“The $100 million marketing budget for the launch of Bing alongside its new look and feel has obviously has some effect on the number of searches performed on the engine,” said Client Services Director at Efficient Frontier, Jonathan Beeston.

“Microsoft’s new category focused Bing features may have helped them capture more of the seasonal summer travel searching and the additional query volume related to the stock market recovery.”

He added, “Change doesn’t happen overnight but if trends continue, Microhoo might pose a very real threat to Google. The data provides a positive outlook for Bing and hope for real competition amongst the engines.”

So…the initial numbers are out, and Bing is gaining ground on the competition.

Have you had the opportunity to use Bing frequently?  If so…what do you think about this new type of search engine?

3 Responses to “Bing’s Boom”

  1. DowntownmakeoverDude Says:

    I get varied results. It does rank me better for the term downtown Reno than Google does (#2 in google and #1 in Bing), but other than a few varied results here and there, I don’t see huge difference in the SERPs between Google and Bing. Bing seems to have its own version of Google local, which ties into MSN Maps. It’s only when you start digging down do you see how BING pulls local data BETTER than Google Local in my opinion. Notice when you click the ‘Local’ Tab in the left column for any search results, it brings up Yellow Pages Sponsored listings…knowing those partnerships is crucial, in order to understand how where to show up on Bing.
    Is Google worried? Perhaps it’s not every day you see one of Google’s cofounders (Sergey) roll up his sleeves and order immediate improvements to Google.
    Some things I have noticed already with Bing?
    – Quantity of backlinks is less important in Bing than Google when comparing identical searches in Google and Bing then perfomring backlink tests.
    – Inbound Achor Text matters more in Bing than in Google – the text of the link that points to your site on other sites.
    – On Page Factors matter more with Bing than with Google.
    – Bing pays more attention to the authority of the site – big emphasis on age of domain, size of site, age of content on site (they actually put emphasis on older content while Google devalues static content as time goes on)
    This is also on par with Yahoo’s engine. Bing has some work to do still with their Geotargeting Engine….but all in all they started off strong….Google SHOULD be worried. The entire reason Google became popular was not because of some great marketing gimmick, it’s because they produced better search results than the competition. Microsoft, as they have done many times in the past, took someone else’s basic idea and premise (Google) and seemingly improved upon it. We’ll see what happens and if they keep gaining search shares.

  2. Larry DeVincenzi Says:

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