A Tool To Help Measure Social Media


We all have questions about the ROI for social media campaigns.  Are we really being heard by the right people?  I ran across an article by CMG Partners, co-authored by Warren Katz, Laura Papero and J. Mark Carr titled “Improving Product Launches – Stop Seeking The Silver Bullet“.

Like them, I share thc common brand steward questions they do –  “where are people talking about us?”, “how big of a bang am I getting on this program?”.  More importantly  – how do we really know when it’s worth the investment?

Trendrr is an exacting tool to help monitor web presence and social media impact.  From the examples created on their site, you can see how it’s deployed to measure terms, companies, conversations – even brands on the web.  Creating your own data sets is a bit daunting, but once you’ve taken a bit of time to explore how you can configure the system – it’s fairly easy and intuitive.

Better yet, you can dive a bit deeper into terms and concepts that may be a bit too complex for Google Trends.

Don’t get me wrong – brand equity can’t be diluted into simple data.  I can’t agree with Trendrr’s positioning that through their tool set, you can “understand your brand’s full online and social media presence”.   There are so many additional factors that simple response can’t measure – the quality of mentions and response, their tone (both intended and implied) – and even more importantly – the market share for any particular measurement.  But Trendrr is one tool that can help you quantify data for those that are selling direct response – or at lease the viral aspects of one.

And so, you can spend countless hours assessing and measuring a brand’s position and reputation online – and simple (free!) tools like Trenderr can be a very way to get started.

Think you’ll use Trendrr?  If so – how?  And if not – why?

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