Avid’s Smart New Brand

Avid's New Brand Logo

Avid's New Brand Logo

I’ve been a fan of Avid systems since the early 90’s, and have helped them financially navigate the expensive technology curve with a passion like no other video editing company.  But as an image based brand, even their own visual positioning seemed, well… a bit geeky.  Over the years, Avid acquired a host of related companies Avid, Digidesign, M-Audio, Pinnacle Systems and Sibelius – each of which were completely independent of one another, yet each integrally tied to the product line and “master brand”.  In classic form, Avid had become a fractioned brand suite of companies entirely through its own development.

And so it seemed logical for Avid to redefine itself visually to encompass these integral product lines. “It’s not really a rebranding” says Thomas Ordahl, corporate brand strategy director, “because we previously went to market as five different companies, and Avid was just one of them, more a product brand than corporate. It is now all of them, and really a new brand.”

I purchased my first Avid sometime in early 1990 – the Avid Media Composer, whidh was at that time the first digital editing system to replace traditional tape-based systems. Today, “The Avid” is still used today by the a sizeable percentage of the world’s professional film and television editors.

Today’s visual repositioning has resulted in an interesting, clever mark for the suite of companies.  Some might say it’s not an easy mark to read, making the mark less than effective.  But to me, given the company’s history and current product line of video and audio bases system – I think it’s on target.

“Volume up, volume down, play, pause, record and forward, signaling unification of the company’s core audio and video offerings, signaling a unification of the company’s core audio and video offerings.” confirms CEO Gary Greenfield.

What do you think about this new visual identity?  Have you had experience with the Avid product line?  Will this help take this suite of companies into their next phase of operations successfully?

5 Responses to “Avid’s Smart New Brand”

  1. Jennifer J Says:

    I was an AVID editor from 1999-2002. I found that at that time, it was a specialized skill. It was a very expensive system that was really only used by major companies who could afford it. Then Final Cut became available on a consumer level, and everyone was an editor. I never learned the consumer level editing software and now feel that I should have!

  2. Larry DeVincenzi Says:

    Jennifer… I think you’d be pleased to discover that the functionality of Final Cut is very similar to that of AVID from your time on that system. I owned an AVID system back then, and we were paying something silly like $4-6K for a whopping 30 Gigabites of storage. Time has changed the technology…but not the talent to drive the system!

  3. Jennifer J Says:

    Very true!

  4. Octavio Sacasa Says:


    I think you hit the nail on the head with your last question.

    Avid approached developing the brand identity in a logical way. They first developed a strategic roadmap and began to make internal adjustments before rolling out the new brand identity. For example, I understand they’ve collapsed sales so it encompasses all brands now.

    Companies are often so gung-ho to launch a new campaign or identity that they seem to forget the importance of internal buy-in and alignment. Coincidentally, one of my colleagues today shared with me this article about Darden Restaurant Group (Owner of billion dollar brands; Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Long-Horn Steakhouse) from Fast Company that speaks to organizationally managing a portfolio of brands: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/137/why-america-is-addicted-to-olive-garden.html

    The article compliments work we’re currently doing for a client as well as a recently published article on the importance of internal branding: http://www.brandchannel.com/brand_speak.asp?bs_id=221

    While Avid is on the right path, its customers are looking to them to walk the walk and deliver products that resonate with this new brand identity. So while I’d agree that it’s not a rebranding, Avid has in effect set new expectations that it must now surpass in order to succeed.

    Octavio Sacasa
    CMG Partners

  5. Larry DeVincenzi Says:


    In my three years of blogging, your response has to be one of the very best I’ve received. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

    I’m a HUGE fan of CMB Partners, and honored you’d take the time to read my thoughts.

    Best… Larry

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