What color is your brand?


Probably no news to you…color matters.  Alot.

According to a University of Loyola, Maryland study, color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent.

Color is also very influential to  brand identity in a variety of different ways. Consider the unexpected success Heinz EZ Squirt Blastin’ Green ketchup has had in the marketplace in the past few years. More than 10 million bottles were sold in the first seven months following its introduction, with Heinz factories working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep up with demand. The result? $23 million in sales attributable to Heinz green ketchup [the highest sales increase in the brand’s history]. All because of a simple product color change.  Obviously, the success of this change was culturally based as the product did not sell as well in America as first anticipated.

Consider how Apple brought color into a marketplace where color had not readily deployed before. By introducing the colorful iMacs, Apple was the first to say, “It doesn’t have to be beige or white”. The iMacs reinvigorated a brand that had suffered $1.8 billion of losses in two years. (And now we enjoy a rainbow of colorful iPods.)

There is a great new tool which can help out with color selection called Cymbolism. It’s an interactive survey of color and word associations. Every page loads a new word, for which you have to select a color you feel best represents it. The results are then aggregated and you can see most popular associations either by color or by word.

To help you consider color choices  for your brand Usabilitypost aggregated the results from Cymbolism, and also provided examples of logos that use each color:

courtesy of usabilitypost

courtesy of usabilitypost

So what color do you choose? There are often many considerations, some of which are purely cultural. Here in the Western hemisphere, white is often considered the color of peace or purity, but in some parts of Asia white is the color of death.  The color you choose should be researched with the target market you have in mind to be sure there are not cultural translations you may be overlooking.

Most importantly, the color you choose should really be something you like, not just something you worked out through a “formula”. If you not happy with the color options in your brand image’s logo, then it’s unlikely you’ll be happy to see it every day on your website, business cards or any other application. Consider choosing something that represents your company’s personality, but be sure it’s something you’ll like personally as well.

9 Responses to “What color is your brand?”

  1. Todd Mortenson Says:

    Are there colors other than mocha and black? Why would there be? 🙂

    • Larry DeVincenzi Says:

      I’m thinking that depends on what world you come from. And I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying a wide range of colors these days besides mocha and black. Hope you’re well!!

  2. social networking web design Says:

    would be nice to use a combination of all the blues, reds, orange, green, purple and pink WITHOUT your site looking like a circus threw up on it.

    • Larry DeVincenzi Says:

      Agreed! But if you’re brand is (for whatever reason) sick clown centric (can you say Circus Circus?) …that may be the perfect visual blend. 🙂

  3. micheal.smith898 Says:

    i like colorful stuff, like colorful i pods, Thanks for sharing this post. This is a very helpful and informative material. Good post and keep it up. Websites are always helpful in one way or the other, that’s cool stuff, anyways, a good way to get started to renovate your dreams into the world of reality.

  4. Morgan P Dreys Says:

    Nice looking page!

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