Northern Nevada’s Newest “Urban Turbine” Celebrated

On Thursday, January 29th, a progressive collaboration of local companies will begin energy production from the first urban wind turbine in downtown Reno, Nevada.

The Renewable Energy Accelerator at 250 Bell (REA250) is a collaborative union of Nevada based companies, founded by Cathexes Architecture, Dynamic Competence, Great Basin Wind, and the Clean Energy Center. New affiliates include Bombard Renewable Energy, Proteros Development, Renewable Nevada, Sierra Club, Education Design Group, Bootleg Courier, The Universe Is Breathing Web Design, the Reno Bike Project, and SmartBrand…with the list expanding every day.

REA250 co-founder and principle of Cathexes, Don Clark, states “we invested downtown because urban infill is the first effective action you can take in sustainable design and living.”

“This allows us to lead by example; we bring our ideas and industries into healthy collaboration,” states project coordinator, Eric Pfaff, of the Clean Energy Center. “It’s been a joy to be able to walk your talk when all of the involved parties are doing so as well.”

“Our success in raising this turbine is the result of forward-looking political leadership on both the state and local levels. Our nation needs more leaders like those we have here in Nevada,” notes Rich Hamilton of Great Basin Wind and co-founder of the REA250.  Great Basin Wind is coordinating with the Clean Energy Center in installing the turbine. “With time, the wind known as the Washoe Zephyr will not only meet much of Nevada’s energy needs, it will be an inexhaustible source of energy for export.  We will be mining megawatts to build the new energy economy.”

Chris Brooks of Bombard Renewable Energy adds, “This project is a perfect example of a successful partnership between NV Energy, Nevada Labor, and forward-thinking local business owners.” Bombard Renewable Energy provided the electrical expertise required for the turbine’s installation and operation.

While other small wind turbines have been installed in the region, REA250’s efforts are unique because of the location – directly in the heart of the urban business district.  One of the group’s efforts is focused on retrofitting urban centers for renewable power generation.

“The raising of our wind turbine is an important step for REA250 to engage the public in planning renewable energy for Nevada. We look forward to more educational and outreach programs associated with renewable energy,” says Susan Clark of Dynamic Competence and co-founder of REA250.

Reno Mayor Bob Cashell will activate the wind turbine on Thursday, January 29th at 2:30pm to officially begin sustainable energy production provided by the wind turbine.  Several other local officials and dignitaries are also scheduled to attend.

The media is invited to meet and interview participants and attendees of the event immediately following the ceremonies.

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