Pepsi’s 5 Month Logo Revision

Pepsi Brand Image History

Pepsi Brand Image History

Remaking an icon take approximately 5 months in Pepsi terms.  Not a long time in my opinion for a major international brand that’s been in existence since 1898 which started out as “Brad’s Drink”.

I’m VERY interested to see which of the above you relate to.  I have a theory about which of these 6 brand image iterations resonate – and with whom.  So please, let me know if you prefer one over the other, and I’ll gladly combine and report the results.

According to Frank Cooper, Pepsi’s VP-portfolio brands: “We felt like, as we move out of this traditional mass marketing and mass distribution era into today’s culture, there’s an opportunity to bring humanity back, both in terms of the design but also in the way we engage consumers,” he said. “By making the logo more dynamic and more alive … [it is] absolutely a huge step in the right direction.”

Pepsi has not disclosed what the revamp has cost, however some have estimated the figure to be in excess of $1 million. A logo redesign is, as you can imagine, just the beginning. Consider the expense in removing the old logo version as it appears while creating and distributing a wide variety of new collateral.

Omnicom’s Arnell Group already had a working relationship with Pepsi, having spearheaded a majority of the company’s packaging design.

So which of these logos (including the new one) really resonate with you?  And what do you think of the new one?

One Response to “Pepsi’s 5 Month Logo Revision”

  1. tokyo5 Says:

    That 2008 logo isn’t used by Pepsi Japan. Here, they still use the 1987 one.

    I like the 1962 one best.

    BTW, I just wrote a post about Pepsi:

    (And )

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