Reno – In Our Own Words

My hometown (and continued residence) has had major brand perception problems for just about as long as I can remember (and that’s getting longer all the time!).

As the “second rate sister” of Las Vegas, Reno’s reputation has been known for smaller casinos, brothels and prostitution, and “quickie” divorces.  Those perceptions were largely formed well back in the 20’s and 30’s in Reno’s first development growth years – but continue to plague a city that is far from those misconceptions.

If you say “Reno” to any number of widely demographic test groups, you’re likely to get a quick reponse in those same areas of misconception, or better yet, what’s immediately recognized in today’s media – Reno 911.  While the wildy popular show provides short scenes from Reno’s area – production is not based in our fair city.  Look closely at Reno 911, and you’ll see palm trees in the background.  Many people have tried to grow palms here – none have succeeded.

Today’s Reno is nothing short of amazing – on the verge of redevelopment that would make any city envious.  You can see a good sampling of what is going on downtown at my friend and SmartBrand business associate’s site –  New development aside, Reno is truly “The Biggest Little City In The World” – and we now have an infrastructure and basis of new development to support that claim.  Much is happening in downtown Reno and through the south to our main corridors – and it’s certainly not all casino oriented.

As these new developments rise, I’ll be taking note of their brands here (and making my comment on them).  In the meantime, I saw a video on Reno today – produced by the City of Reno, which I think will be worth the ten and a half minutes it will take of your time to watch.

Enjoy… (the video is a bit too long for YouTube), so I’ll link you to it externally here.

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