WordPress Marketing Blog Roundup


Not too far in the distant pass, a great idea came to Rick Liebling of Eyecube to gather a group of WordPress based bloggers that blogon about marketing.  To date, the group has gathered 15 members, with more certainly to come in the near future.

I thought it a good idea to recap some of the ongoing blogs here in support of Rick’s vision – as well as providing a bit of promotion to the group.  So…without further adieu:

Brady’s Crew investigates How Time’s ‘50 Best’ Can Make Your Site Better

Eyecube has recapped the pre-release of Seth Godin’s upcoming book: Seth Godin: The power of an insanely authentic brand

Aubrey Brewis at Octagon First Call takes a look at the undying devotion to the WWE brand in her recent article WWE Lays the Smackdown on the Competition

Francis Anderson notes an interesting trend in his post New Survey Shows 15% of Fortune 500 Are Blogging. Some People Unhappy.

Paul Groves at Groves Media looks into Gen Y challenges in his post Generation Y, those bankers at Tesco, Victorian values and chimneys

Jax Rant continues their wonderings on the web with Where Are You Now’s explanation of their green initiatives

The Liquid Architecture Blog looks into Old $chool approach to Mega Man 9

David at Marketing Integrity makes some solid business recommendations in Marketing: Get Some Wise Guys

Micah Solomon makes great suggestions in his blog of The Ultimate Reason To Be Nice To A Customer

Nicola Davis investigates the quirky new Doritos Collision campaign

Don’t miss Online Marketer Blog‘s take on Wired’s cover story Sometimes Breasts Aren’t Enough, Julia Allison

Share Marketing covers their ongoing use of Skype, YouTube, and the video camera

And finally, Weather Pattern takes a visionary look into what happens after Postmodern Transformations

Those of us on this end of the blogsphere truly appreciate the group’s ongoing efforts to cover the wide range of marketing related topics, while offering up their own unique perspectives.

We’d encourage you to link to these sites, and keep a close eye on their ongoing developments.

Blog on!

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