The Universal Language of Dance

Stride Gum found him engaging enough to feature him last year – and that caught my attention at first. I think we may all share the fantasy of being scouted by a major corporation who notices the pure generosity of our existence, and our joy for whatever we love to do.

Matt Harding is just one of those great stories. Matt, if you don’t know, is the inspired individual who quit his job to hook up with Stride Gum in an adventure to travel the world filming himself in a happy jig in 39 countries. The campaign has been a viral success beyond Stride’s expectations.

So much so, that Stride sent him around the globe gain, this time visiting 42 countries in 14 months. And this time, in addition to simply filming himself – he captured the people of each country dancing with him.

In today’s world of increasingly bad economic news, disturbing social and international clashes, and a general feeling of negativity – here’s a video I dare you to watch without feeling that someday, in some way, each of us will find common ground to live in peace and joy with one another.

Stride should be congratulated on this amazingly global social project that has little (or nothing) to do with their product – but elevates their brand to a new level of social awareness and acceptance. Matt should be congratulated in starting, and continuing this joyful project.


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