Keepin’ It Alive In The 775

I remember the debut of Reno 911 back in 2003. My hometown was buzzing with the good news that our home brand would be featured in a potentially funny Comedy Central series.

Little did we know that this would be the beginning of a national phenomena – a love of a new quirky collection of law enforcement characters not seen before on television.
The Officers of Reno 911

Many of my collegues and neighbors voiced their opinion that that this “would be the show that put us on the national map”. And they were right – but they just didn’t know what part of that map we’d be placed on (the very outer fringe).

Since that time, the show has come to symbolize Reno – cheesy, silly, and at times, downright unbelievable. As a native of Washoe County, I can tell you – some of that is well deserved. Reno is, after all, Sin City’s “ugly sister” in our vast state of sagebrush and blue skies.

But more than this humorous positioning as a truly “hick town” – Reno is, if nothing else, quirky. As a brand/marketing guy, my concern was that “quirky” wouldn’t be as well received as “stupid” – and that the adventures of Lt. Dangle would be perceived as reality – and not parody. As many of our clients are based in Las Vegas, we suffer the slings of unsophistication by comparison. Truly, Reno is not as sophisticated as Las Vegas. But in that comparison lies the reason we live in Northern Nevada – a simpler, more honest way of life.

So be it. Reno 911 is an undeniable hit (at my house) – and filmed nearly entirely outside of Reno proper. The inserts of Reno’s seedier side complete the illusion that the show is actually filmed in Reno, and features Renoites in it’s odd combination of reality and fantasy.

That aside, I offer you this goofy interview by “Reno’s” most infamous policemen – Officer Junior and Lt. Dangle.  Enjoy….

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