WordPress Marketing Blogger’s Network Launches


What a terrific idea Rick Liebling from eyecube had in gathering a few of us together to create a coalition of bloggers on WordPress.

To the right, you’ll see we’ve added a short blogroll for the group – “WordPress Marketing Bloggers Network… WMBN”.   It’s individuals and efforts like Rick’s that give marketing a good name – and prove the power of collaboration and social networking in today’s rapidly evolving market place.

As part of our collaborative nature, one of the group’s members, DJ Francis of Online Marketer, has posted a short selection of the group’s most notable recent blogs. Of course, we’d like to continue that effort here – through reposting those same comments and notes for your review and enjoyment.

Thanks again to DJ and Online Marketer for compiling this list, and allowing us to spread the same message to our readers.

> Rick from eyecube interviewed columnist and blogger Rob Walker about his new book, Buying In.
> DJ Francis offers up some wise advice on how to become an A-list blogger.
> Francis gives you a run-down of the news (with commentary) on the day’s most important marketing stories.
> Paul explains Coke’s vocal efforts in the UK.
> Jax discusses Volkswagen’s user-generated survey.
> Rich covers a very interesting topic: the plight of voice actors in video games.
> David at Marketing Integrity notes a confusing VW ad campaign.
> Nicola snagged some snaps of Banksy and other graffiti artists in England last week.
> Incremental marketing tweaks require that you keep overall goals in mind via Brady’s Crew.

Please take a moment to visit these insightful postings from the WMBN membership. We’re all looking forward to making a larger splash through our collaboration and association – so keep an eye here for the group’s newest developments.

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