Diamond (vs. Square) Shreddies

Had to post this fun (if not faintly familiar) demonstration of why focus groups may be a thing of the past:

5 Responses to “Diamond (vs. Square) Shreddies”

  1. Corey Caponero Says:

    I think this pretty supid, a diamond is just a square on it’s side, anybody who doesn’t see that is pretty dumb.

  2. siddy_kaykay Says:

    whats the point of this when its the same darn thing all you have to do is turn the square but if you people out there dont realize that then you need to either go back to kindergarten or go see barney they’ll teach you a lesson

  3. Abby mckimm Says:

    Mabe to get more people to vote you should explain why they should vote for oniy one of the two and mabe why you need the vote.

  4. Aly Says:

    Ya i also think it is pretty stupid there the same thing just the shreddie is on a different side

  5. Aly Says:

    ya you would be dunb if you didnt know that

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