What’s In A Brand, Anyway?

Your Unique Brand position
In researching other companies who are “branding firms”, I’ve run across a wide divide of understanding about the process of branding – and exactly what it is.

In some respects, it’s easier to talk about what branding isn’t, as opposed to what it is:
:: Branding is not logo development (although brand images/logos play an integral role in the brand)
:: Branding is not marketing. Marketing strategies result from branding.
:: Branding is not advertising. Although advertising plays a critical role in marketing.
:: Branding is not public relations – But PR is a truly great tool to build a successful brand if used properly, and consistently.
:: Branding is not about searing trade marks on beasts of the farm (horses/cows/pig/sheep). Ok…I could be wrong about that one.

So what IS branding then? It’s our process of strategically positioning your product or service to result in sales in today’s market.

First, we research the competition your product or service is challenged with in the current marketplace.
Secondly, we strategize the channels and processes to increase product sales
Finally, we recommend new ways for you to compete in the market.

From a strategic perspective, the SmartBrand team meets to determine your unique positioning in the market, researching what different brand element possibilities convey about the company and/or service and product lines.

With that strategic positioning perspective, we’ll determine which brand positioning best differentiates you to create a truly resonating advantage over your competition.

Then we’ll review your brand from communications perspective, to determine which strategic branding messages best connect with, influence, and truly motivate your target customers and/or stakeholders to believe in your brand’s position.

Once those tasks are completed…the fun really begins: implementation through marketing, advertising, public relations and social media campaigns!

Through the combintation of innovative branding strategies along with targeted communications we can be confident that our clients’ offer and image – key building blocks of brand equity – are created to take root as a distinct and valued brand for the target customer.

My apologies for those of you who may take this posting as preaching – but the confusion among advertising agencies who claim to brand companies through logo design simply can’t stand in today’s ever changing, challenging economy.

If you’re like more information about our processes of branding, and how we might serve as your “in house, outsourced marketing and advertising partner” – give us a call or visit our site for more detailed information.

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