Project ecoBrand Launch

Project ecoBrand

One of the distinct advantages of working in a truly collaborative environment is the ability to focus your attention toward a common goal. Collectively, we put our heads together to ask one simple question – What kind of work or client inspires us?

The answer was immediate – and unanimous. We want to focus new work with eco-based clients that can not only provide a valued resource to prospects, but also give back to, and protect our earth.

But how do you do this well? First… as always… a ton of research was undertaken. If we are going to help our eco-prospects position and market their brand, then we’d better understand the industries they’re engaged in on a daily basis.

We began, as a stroke of luck, at Las Vegas’ newest eco-adventure area: Springs Preserve. And what a start that was. It took several weeks, countless hours of research and learning – but we finally came to the understanding of the industry – its potential growth and suppliers, and felt a deeper affinity with the eco-branding process overall.

And so, launches our effort to reach out to, and partner with eco-friendly suppliers of products. At first, we’ll focus our efforts on getting those suppliers into the eyes and hearts of commercial real estate developers and projects. What better way to show the mass appeal, and the bottom-line cost savings than to help connect these niche suppliers with their much larger target market?

We’ve created an incentive program for anyone who knows of a good prospective client for SmartBrand, but more importantly, a good partner that suits our skill set in developing strong brands, and implementing campaigns that create true word-of-mouth virility.

So after reading this, ask yourself. Who do I know that might need a truly dedicated team of creatives focused on developing innovative brand platforms for eco-based products or services?

And then…call us, or visit our site to tell us more.

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