SmartBrand Member Launches New Website

This blog has largely been about others, and not our core team or company. For those of you that don’t know (my apologies to those who don’t care), SmartBrand became an LLC last summer. It’s time to turn our attention on our capabilities, and more accurately presenting them to our clients and prospects. In short…we’re finally treating ourselves as well as we’d treat our clients.

Since our formal inception, it’s been a whirlwind – to say the least. Client work created the most hectic schedule ever during the holiday season of 2007. Our teams were taxed to the max, and the fewer workdays in the last quarter of 2007, created even more pressure to do what needed to be done.

It seemed a time when all our clients decided to “go big” at the same time – and we were wholly responsible for the events, collateral, and campaigns necessary to generate new sales leads.

And we did – with tremendous results and panache.

That said, we’re just regaining our breath, while keeping a more normal work pace. And in this time, we finally are able to turn our attention to ourselves – and treat our collaboration like a client (which we haven’t in the past). This is an interesting turn of events, and is clearly demonstrative of the energy and commitment we have in our core team members.

While the chaos ensued, one of our group managed to redesign their own site at JM Studios.

JM Studio

I think you can see for yourself that we’ve managed to team with northern Nevada’s “biggest little interactive shop”.

They do great work for our community through their other blog ~

So check them out… and begin to understand just a small slice of the talents and brain power we have assembled in our collaborative ~ SmartBrand LLC.

And keep an eye out for samples of our most recent work (still in compilation production), and new, exciting project announcements in your mail box this coming month.

We’re on a roll… and from our perspective, the dice are loaded!

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