Smart iQ at QVC

Ah…the synchronized “leak” of a brand launch… like the smell of napalm in the morning. If you’ve had the stench fill your nostrils, you’ll not soon forget the exhiliration of the launch. Nothing is more statisfying to a brand manager than to see the “leak of the launch” go successfully. But getting that attention is a slippery slope – as the public becomes even more barraded with disruptive advertising techniques.


And so it seems to have for QVC, the television hukstering giant and their new iQdoU campaign. Supposedly “public” on the 23rd of this month, the campaign was successfully staged in a “subtle” billboard suite in New York’s Times Square…subtle indeed.

Nothing but respect for the giants who can stage a release like this…it’s what brand development is really all about – creating a buzz around the leak. The momentum of that kind of pre-launch awareness can take a respected brand like QVC, and move it into new, more lucrative markets.

Bravo to CSC (Corporate Services Company) for what looks like a great execution.

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