Sanjaya & The Caveman

I haven’t had much time to properly blog recently… but that’s no excuse. Rather than something “meaty and insightful”, I just have to comment on two seemingly unrelated events.

First…Sanjaya Malakar.
Ok…enough said. We’re all sick of it. His continued presence on America’s top rated talent show made the point that you don’t really need to be talented to be a celebrity. And…of course…the 12-15 year old female demographic can dial faster than any other alive.

the Cavemanthe much anticipated release of “Caveman”… a pilot TV show the ABC network crafted after the witty commercials aired by Geico.

AdFreak’s Tim Nudd puts it well in his column.

What’s going on in our culture? Who thinks commercial success could breed a television series based on a :30 character? Does anyone but me see the similarities beyond the uncanny physical resemblence?

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