Updates From The Edge

Poor blog… I’ve neglected it so. Between travels, work, and a very brief vacation – I’ve not had access or time to keep it moving. Those days are over, and I’m back with a vengance – ready to blog until I drop.

For now, let me update you on a disparaging blog I wrote about Las Vegas several months ago titled “What Happens In Vegas Should Stay There.”

OK…I was grumpy after a bad visit. But having just experienced something more spectacular there, I have to revisit my feelings, and my writing on the city that never sleeps.

In honor of that, here are my Top 5 Reasons I Love Vegas (now):

1) Food. The top 14 chefs in the world work there. The top 3 sommaliers in the world do too. You name your type of food – they more than go over-the-top with presentation and quality. I’ve not experienced anything like it, and I’m going back for more.

2) Entertainment. In a word… Prince. Front row seats at 3121…and an evening that started at midnight ended at 3am with what I consider to be music’s greatest living artist. Eat your heart out Michael Jackson. But at Tryst, we sat at a table for the lowest price they had for table bottle service – $468. Add that to the $16,000 bottle of cognac, or the $35,000 magnum of Cristal…and we went home early.

3) Shopping. I’m not a shopper…I’m a buyer. But my wife loves to see what’s new, and visit stores we’d never buy in. Caesars Forum….Desert Passage….Fashion ShowBellagio…you name it…you can buy it. IF you can afford it.

4) What Happens There, Stays There (Thank GOD). People acting badly at all ages. Good for a weekend as a vacation…not so good when grandma is stuck in an elevator with you, smoking a cigarette and cussing like a sailor. You see it all…the good, the bad, the ugly…and the very beautiful. All in one locale. A point of respite was Sunday brunch at Verandah at the Four Seasons. Don’t miss sitting poolside sipping on champagne. You can like like a king on a prince’s (no relation to THE Prince) salary.

5) Ashley Hansen lives there. OK… she didn’t pay me to put her on the list, but I promised I would. And she deserves it!

And so I recount my post and say… Vegas is a good thing for whatever ails you. But too much of a good thing is bad – no matter what it is. Small doses, taken with water…and you’ll do well in Sin City.

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