Coming This Summer… Frustration Cubed

For years, it was the symbol of geeky conquest. I don’t know about you…but I broke mine into pieces in sheer frustration after the first 10 minutes of fumbling with it.

But as with all sequels, it’s harder to replicate the original excitement and innovation of the first version…this, however, may be different. Can the original Rubik’s Cube be improved? Perhaps. Add some led lights, voice effects, programmed games, and multiplayer optionsm and voila!

Rubik’s Revolution is born. Great site… very inviting (apologies for the visual pun).

Rubik's Revolution

For $20, I’ll bet a whole new generation of geeks will jump at the opportunity to show their superiority at a higher level. But they’ll have to wait until it’s released this summer. I may be content in just watching them work their magic.

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