Real Estate Episodic Marketing

This came across my desk from Adrants…and it caught my attention for a few unique reasons.

Cressey Development Group has launched an a-typical development website, with an even more innovative angle – creating an episodic television campaign featuring the Donovan homes lifestyle. The programming is named Donovan Life, a series “about young urban professionals full of energy and ambition who are looking for a comfortable environment to enjoy the best the city has to offer,” explains director Roger Evan Larry. The films are produced by his film and TV production company, Relevision.

I’d agree the acting leaves much to desire…but the production values and intent are on target. If the development’s target market is “20 somthings”, then this approach may well suit their interests in the wake of other lifestyle programming like Friends, or Felicity…even Dawson’s Creek.

The series is shooting for pilot status, according to Adrants, and if they’re successful, it’ll be an amazing breakthrough approach for real estate marketing.

Check out an episode of Donovan Life:

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