Meebo Wins Superbowl Ad Without Being On It

For me, the best Superbowl ad wasn’t even on it. If you haven’t checked-out Meebo, you should give it a try. The web-based instant messaging service allows you to aggregate all your IM clients into one, easy to use, interface.

Obviously, the company has developed enough of a customer base to grow rapidly enough to advertise for developers. You might think that advertising on the Superbowl would have been a good idea – but Meebo is smarter than going that expensive traditional route. Rather than spending the average $2.4M for a :30 buy, Meebo smartly placed it’s ad on YouTube, and gaining the notariety of this hot commercial season by virtue of its message.

Part 1987 VW Golf ad (remeber the one with two guys picking up the old chair from the side of the road?) and part 1998 Bill Gates/Steve Balmer spoof of the ad, Meebo continues with a Smiley in the back seat with announcement they are in need of developers.

The theme is still catchy. It’s real, viral…and it works. For me, the best ad this in this year’s Superbowl wasn’t even on during the game breaks. The innovation and smart placement of Meebo’s ad wins my vote for “best of show” (not in show).

If you want to IM your friends and clients easily, but don’t want to have a multitude of windows opened at the same time… check out Meebo.

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