Virtually Annoying Services

I’m a big fan of technology – as most guys are. Gadgets and automated processes make us foam while we spout our “I need one” mantra. Granted, we want it, and may likely not need it.

There are times, however, when technology replaces human interaction – and in the process of marketing, this is often seen as “good ROI”. Some of the time it can be, but in my experience, is often not the case. And so it goes for the “virtual assistant” trend that’s been populating our culture.


Now comes Eidoserve, and their latest creation: Abby Me. Simply text a message to a person or list you want to call, and Abby does the rest – virtually by script. You write the message campaign, and Abby delivers it. Great for those of us with little time on our hands for real human interaction.

According to the site: “Abby combines artificial intelligence and natural language processing to produce cost effective, dynamic, and interactive speech applications.” What’s so dynamic or interactive about one way communications? It goes on to promise “Abby is just: Cheaper, Faster…. Better.” Two out of three isn’t bad.

I hope this trend does not continue. If you think you were annoyed by the unsolicited sales pitch by a human before now, imagine the joy in receiving a virtual one from a computer. I’m sure there are great, valid applications for this technology – but give me honest, real human interaction whenever possible….and I’ll become and remain a loyal customer.

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