Get A First Life Before Your Second

I stumbled across this entertaning satire site while researching topics on Second Life. “Your world. Sorry about that.” is a cynical, but amusing way to position the brand against the online phenomena that’s been steadily building its membership and viral “buzz”. In a previous post, I’ve reviewed a few of the real life advertising efforts into the virtual world, often wondering if it was just me that didn’t really “get it”.

First Life
Thanks to First Life, we finally get the answers to life’s biggest questions like: What’s this body thing, and what do I do with the dangly bits? Are five senses enough?

Of course, First Life may easily overcome Second Life with it’s brand promise that “Go outside – membership is free”. Not to mention it’s three main categories of “work / reproduce / perish”.
First Life T-shirt
One thing I’ll be buying for Burning Man this year is the t-shirt…whenever I can actually purchase one online.

We all know First Life isn’t a perfect game, and it obviously may have similar problems to Second Life – like laggage. Even without a server, users may just have to run to keep up. Run, Forrest, Run!

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